Gendered effects of school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic


We warn that school closures in this COVID-19 pandemic may bolster gender gaps in education and girl empowerment dampening any progress already made, particularly in developing countries. We call for public acknowledgment and discussion about the adverse effects school closures can have on widening of the schooling gap between girls and boys. We call for a gendered perspective in developing policy responses by tackling the sexual and reproductive health and socioeconomic issues addressed here to bring girls back to school after the measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic end. We also ask governments to collect data specifically on non-paid housework and childcare responsibilities frequently ignored when investigating the consequences of child labour. Addressing the health and socioeconomic issues girls might face during this pandemic, as well as collecting data to quantify their effects, are important in honouring the commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Lancet 395(10242): 1968
Katarzyna Burzynska
Assistant Professor of Business Economics

My research interests include interorganizational networks, social network analysis, institutional economics and China.